Angeles National Forest


I couldn’t honestly call myself an author, though I always will be at heart. Inspiration is fickle and often do we part.

Perhaps the downside of happiness is that it doesn’t draw me to the pen, but with every lesson in life, I will return again.

I once dreamt of worlds without end, but it seems that life doesn’t cease to happen.

From time┬ápassed I have learned, the morning doesn’t favor the artist, the light of day makes writing the hardest.

Perhaps it is the moon, the stars and the quiet, that bring out the characters and the stories they’re hiding.

Though to be an author, I must be a writer, to my writing I return, and I’ll always be a fighter.

Tori Lynn Cortez


Once Upon a Lifetime

Once upon a time old friend,

Our roads were intertwined

Once upon a time 

Our past was redefined

Once upon a time my friend

Our stories did rewind

Once upon a time

What was yours was mine

Once upon a time back then

Our friends were all the same

Once upon a time

We swore we’d never change

Once upon a time to them

We’d be close all the same

Once upon a time

We said we’d never drift away

Once upon a lifetime

We were all caught by surprise

When once upon a time

Our friendships slowly died. 

and fall


We climb too high,

And settle at a peak,

A sunny glaze,

Of endless days,

Till the mountain we mean to reach. 
We suffocate,

And writhe in pain,

And we refuse to change,

When we only need

To use the key

That we’ve had all along. 
Change doesn’t come 

Nor can it be won

By holding on so tight,

But time will give

And you’ll only live 

If you let go and fall…
The summer days

Have passed away,

And life is moving on,

So start again,

Take heart, my friend

And don’t be afraid to fall. 

-Tori Lynn